Wood embodies the material record of a life within an environment. This set of tablets explores multiple interdependent relationships within the rhythm of the water cycle recorded in tree rings as a conceptual connective tissue. Madera, the Latin root for both the words “wood” and “mother” uses visual analogy to open the viewer to forming connections between pages and across tablets. Reading enacts a kind of biologic/geologic dig. Pages, like so many layers of skin, or earth, or meaning are uncovered, and connections revealed. Selected pages shown below represent the human uterus that resembles a coral reef, a diagram of the effect of light on the pituitary gland, trees that resemble figures, rivers that resemble veins, and an aerial view of land that resembles skin, and the surface of the moon looking like an umbilical cord. 
Five handbound mixed-media wooden tablets, each 5” x 7” in custom wooden slipcase
Photolithographs were printed at the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, NM
Edition of 15, 73 pages total
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